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Date:2012-10-12 22:53
Subject:traveling without baby & pumping

Baby is 3 months old. I'll be making a 2-day trip for work without her next week - leaving at 11am on Monday, back at 11am on Wednesday, flying to DC from CA. Here is my list of stuff to bring:

Pump (sucked it up and bought a new PISA just for the sake of having a bag that isn't falling apart)
4 x pumping kits
Enough bottles to fit 90 oz of milk (won't make that much, but I can dream)
Some breastmilk bags just in case
3 x cooler bags to store the milk in
3 x Medela cooler elements, 1 for each bag (last much longer than the drugstore ones)
Microwave sterilization bag, sterilizing wipes, hand sanitizer

I'm planning not to check a bag on the way out (hoping the TSA won't make me throw away the Medela cooling elements). But I will check the bag full of milk on the way back. I'll ask the hotel for a fridge to keep the milk in and to refreeze the cooling elements. I won't freeze the milk though, as I won't have time to go to Fedex while I'm away to send it back on dry ice.

Anything else I'm forgetting? I did this several times with my son, but the logistics are no longer fresh in my mind. All I can remember is that it was a major PITA.

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Date:2012-09-20 08:00
Subject:Replacement bag for Medela PISA

I have a Medela PISA (backpack) that I used for a year with my first, and I'm now 10 weeks into using it with my second. The pump is going strong, but the bag is falling apart. Any idea where I could get a replacement bag that looks professional? I'm looking for a dedicated pump bag, because I really like being able to unzip the pump compartment - super handy in situations like pumping in the restroom of a plane.

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Date:2012-08-25 00:33
Subject:Breastfeeding and antidepressants
Mood: tired

I'm not actually pumping for my daughter anymore, but this is the breastfeeding community I am most comfortable with, so I hope you all don't mind me asking here.

My "baby" is 28 months old, and only nurses once a day (generally), at bedtime. I finally went to the doctor about post partum depression today, and he prescribed Celexa, which says on the information sheets that it shouldn't be used by breastfeeding mothers. I asked the doctor about that, and he said that I should probably give up nursing, because it's really important that I get my depression under control.

Of course, the reason I still nurse her once a day is because she really wants to. If I left the nursing pillow out where she could get it, she would be bringing it to me a couple times a day. I think she would be really upset if we stopped nursing completely.

I did a little research on my own, and found stuff on KellyMom and WebMD that say several antidepressants, including Celexa, are really not bad for breastfeeding. Especially with older children.

So I need to decide, do I fill the prescription tomorrow and go ahead with nursing, or do I wait until Monday and show the doctor the things I've found and see what he says? Does anyone here have experience with nursing while on antidepressants, or an opinion about it?

ETA: I think I've found enough information to back up a decision to go ahead and keep nursing while taking the antidepressant. Thanks for everyone's help!

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Date:2012-01-12 09:12
Subject:Plugged duct at work.

i woke up in the middle of the night with a terribly painful plugged duct.  I fed Charlotte from that side for the rest of the night and for her morning feed, and I tried to hand-express in a hot shower, but it's still there.  I've had plugs before, but this is much more painful than the others.

Is there anything I can do at work to ease the discomfort or help clear it?  I had my hot tea mug on my breast for a warm compress before and during pumping, and I think that helped a little.  The lump doesn't seem as big but it still hurts.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

For a funny anecdote, I dreamt last night that I pumped 5 oz from each side before I had to stop because the bottles were full.  Then I spilled one of the bottles! Talk about a nightmare.

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Date:2011-05-01 13:23
Mood: sore

This is my third child and I've had mastitis before but this is my first time having it while back to work full time. I know when I'm with my baby, I should nurse him as much as possible from the infected side and have been, but what about when I go back to work tomorrow? Can I save the milk from the infected side or should I dump it? Pasteurize it? Freeze it?

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Date:2011-05-01 12:49
Subject:Mastitis question

This is my third child and I've had mastitis before but this is my first time having it while back to work full time. I know when I'm with my baby, I should nurse him as much as possible from the infected side and have been, but what about when I go back to work tomorrow? Can I save the milk from the infected side or should I dump it? Pasteurize it? Freeze it?

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Date:2010-10-14 14:45
Subject:Bottle Refusal

I have a very serious problem. My little one (four and a half months) is refusing to take a bottle. She's done this a few times now, and I'm really worried about it.

My next youngest had this same problem at about the same age, wound up losing weight and now has learning disabilities that might be because of that. (I also had pretty severe PPD with her, which didn't help.)

To complicate matters, my good spouse works third shift. She's screaming because she's hungry but won't eat, so she's not napping. Which means he can't nap.

It isn't just that she doesn't want it from Daddy. She also wouldn't take a bottle from my oldest, and gave my mom trouble when she watched the kids the other day. But then took the bottle from me when I got there to pick her up. I think it's that she wants me, not that she doesn't like the bottle (which is also what we think was going on with the next youngest).

The good spouse also tried three different style nipples in one bottle today, to no effect. She pushes the bottle away and screams.

I can stay home tomorrow, although I don't know if I have the paid time off to cover it, but then what happens on Monday when I have to go back to work?

Any advice?

ETA: I should have mentioned that I went back to work at 8 weeks, and this has only started in the last week or so.

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Date:2010-08-27 18:34
Subject:Lansinoh bags with a Medela pump?

Hi there, I'm new to this community!  I'm so glad to see there's a community dedicated to working moms...things are tough for us in ways it's not for SAHMs.

So anyway, here's the question!  Does anyone know if the Lansinoh bags will work with a Medela pump?  I started pumping directly into the medela bags and it makes life soo much easier at work, but they're so much more expensive!  Before I buy the Lansinoh ones, I was wondering if they work to pump directly in to.


ETA:  How about the Avent ones?  They have a sticky strip around the top too.

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Date:2010-07-28 19:03
Subject:Looking to share some milk quickly

I'm sorry to post again so soon, but I haven't gotten any responses on the milkshare forum I joined. I have tomorrow off, which means I will be pumping yet another bottle my daughter won't drink, and dumping it after two days.

Here are the specs:

(Edit: I hate not being able to edit the exact line - I was mistaken, my mother-in-law used one of yesterday's bottles, so it's actually two from today and one from yesterday. Also, I'm cross-posting this)

I'm in south Florida. Living in palm beach gardens, working in lake worth, and tomorrow my baby has a doctor's appointment in plantation. I can meet someone along this route, or drive further if I can get help with gas.

I apparently have an excess of lipase, so if I don't pasteurize my milk I can't even freeze it. After two days in the fridge it goes soapy, which is apparently not harmful, but it tastes horrendous and I had to throw out my freezer stash (I think over a gallon) because it was all soapy. I could let my supply drop but really don't want to!

My daughter is healthy, ridiculously strong, nicely chubby (was in the 90-95th percentile for height and weight last month). She's got a sensitivity/allergy to cow's milk so I don't ingest it - though I do eat goat and sheep dairy, and she seems fine with that. I can, if need be, cut those out as well. I can provide you with a general dietary list. I don't eat beef or pork, I do eat chicken occasionally and seafood whenever I can get my hands on it (I love fish). I drink 10-12oz of coffee every morning, but can shift my schedule to pump beforehand if your baby is sensitive to caffeine. I haven't been tested since the baby was born (except for the pap), but at last check I was negative for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and hpv. I do have the cold sore variety of hsv, but have never actually had a cold sore. Oh! And I'm vaccinated for hep B. I can't remember if the ob tested for A or C.

In general I produce about 4-8oz per day that she doesn't eat. I have ~14oz in the fridge right now, two bottles from yesterday and one from today. I would love to hook up with a regular recipient who can take 4+oz per day, but at the very least I am really hoping to find someone to take those three tomorrow before they go soapy.

I don't think this violates the rules? If so, I am really really sorry, I just don't know what other forums are out there when milkshare isn't producing responses.

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Date:2010-07-28 11:39
Subject:Steel cut oats in the slowcooker?

I have steel cut oats, but I don't have time in the morning to make them. I know you can cook them in a slowcooker, but the only recipes I can find have dried fruit added, which requires more liquid. I don't like dried fruit.:-P Does anyone know what ratio of oats to liquid you need if you aren't adding other stuff? If no one knows, I'll experiment, but it would be nice not to have to!

Has anyone actually noticed an increase in their milk production from eating steel cut oats?

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Date:2010-07-26 22:10
Subject:A few things!

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this community, because I've started running into weird little issues. So the questions first:

- I pump into plastic bottles, which I then store in the fridge (or dump into a bag for the freezer, but not as much now that I'm back at work, as much of my expressed milk feeds my kid the next day). Lately I've been having a scent issue. Namely, they smell like milk gone bad (do I have a story about that! Oh god. My nose parses it as a soapy smell, so I taste-tested one to see if soap had gotten into the milk. I wanted to turn myself inside out to get rid of it). I have now boiled them all twice, and finally calmed the smell down enough to not smell it if they're full of milk, but it seems a little drastic to boil them every week. Anyone happen to know of glass bottles you can pump directly into (I have a lansinoh double electric)? Alternately, what can I do?

- This is less of a problem now that my supply has dropped a bit, but I expect it to go back up soon - I leak often. Every time I let down I leak, and sometimes soak through nursing pads and shirts. I heard of these things called milk savers, but all reviews indicate that they're more about saving milk when you're nursing already, rather than containing milk that spontaneously ejects, and aren't subtle enough to wear in public. Is there anything similar, which collects milk (preventing leaks) but which you could wear, say, every day at work?

- Any car-pumping tips? I don't have anywhere else to pump at work, and I'm in a position of not being free to ask for accommodation (it's temporary, no worries). The last two days there was a strange man in the parking lot, who walked past my car twice today while I was pumping. I have tinted windows and a sun shade, and it's most likely not related to me at all - I parked facing a ditch, which turns out to be a shortcut between a neighborhood and a bus stop on a main street. Tomorrow I will park elsewhere. But both times my let-down ceased immediately and didn't come back. Anything I can do to make my car a safer place?

- Finally, I make a lot of milk. I'm going to look into official donation to banks and such when my husband and I finish moving to Memphis, but right now we're kind of in limbo in south florida. I'm not able to pay for the kind of testing the banks appear to require (no health insurance, and I haven't felt it necessary since I was tested during the pregnancy for a bunch of things), and I don't think my freezer stash is quite voluminous enough. But I do have a freezer stash and can't take it with me when we move; we'll be driving and the risk of thawing is too high. If it's still good, where might I go for private donation?

Hoo boy, that was a lot to type out on a tiny phone screen. Thanks for sticking with me this far! And thanks in advance for any advice. :)

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Date:2010-07-22 16:44
Subject:Pumping with mastitis

I'm glad to see this community is still here!

I hope someone can help with this. I went back to work on Monday. Tuesday night I started to feel engorged, thanks to a crazy schedule that day. Early Wednesday morning, I woke up to feed the little one, and had a fever (102.4°), muscle aches, and felt . . . more than engorged.

I stayed home from work yesterday and went to the doctor. He was concerned that it might be an abscess, especially with the high fever I'd had. He did say I could continue nursing and pumping from that side. I had an ultrasound today, and they found nothing (hooray!), so it's "just" mastitis.

Now, my problem is, when I pumped at work before going to the ultrasound, the milk from the affected side was pink at first. As I kept pumping, it stopped being pink, although you could still see it at the bottom of the bag.

Can I save the milk (it would likely get used tomorrow), or should I discard it? I'm going to try calling the hospital's lactation consultant, but I don't know if she'll be there this late in the day.

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Date:2010-07-02 13:49
Subject:Pondering Milk Quality
Mood: thoughtful

I am pumping today for Tuesday's daycare bottles. Usually on Friday's I'll get home and put the pumped milk into the bottles for daycare on Monday, and then pack them up in the refrigerator and forget about them.

Since it will be one day longer, I am considering freezing today's efforts, and sending frozen milk on Tuesday. I figure this can help use up some of the older milk I have sitting in the freezer, while replenishing the stash.

Which brings me to my question. Is there a difference in quality between frozen milk and milk that has been refrigerated for four days? Does it depend on how long the milk was frozen? How about how long it was refrigerated before it was frozen? I know that any milk I send will still be "good" (by the storage guidelines) I just wonder if anyone has seen evidence of one being better than the other.


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Date:2010-06-12 06:16
Subject:Hey, I just joined this community...
Mood: confused

and I need some advice.

I'm 20 years old and almost 3 weeks ago, I had my first child. While in the hospital, I tried to breastfeed but I was having difficulties. My baby just wouldn't latch. For the first 5 or 6 days after my emergency c-section, I wasn't even producing any milk. Actually, all that would come out of my breasts was this strange gel-like secretion that would seem like it crystallized after being exposed to air for too long. The lactation consultant in the hospital and all my nurses had never seen anything like it before. After the first day or so of being home, I finally started to produce milk. I'm not producing nearly as much as I would like, but it's better than nothing. I'm not really worried about the fact that my baby doesn't latch, because I'm still able to bottle feed her my breast milk, though I would loved to have felt the bond.

From my right breast, on a good day, I can get about 1 oz, every time I pump. From my left breast, on a good day, about half an ounce. I pump at least every 3 hours, but it could take me 4 pumping sessions just to get a decent 4 oz bottle. I also formula feed her, about every 3 hours, when she's hungry. If I have the 4 oz of breast milk, I will feed her that instead of the formula, but it will take about 4 more pumping sessions to get another bottle of breast milk.

I was wondering what I could do to increase my milk supply. I would love to take my baby off formula, but she needs to eat and if I can't produce milk fast enough, what am I supposed to do? I've heard about Fenugreek and Mother's Milk tea, and also prescription medications that would help increase milk supply, but I really don't want to have to take anything. I wish it would come 100% naturally. Is there anything I can do naturally that would help me? Also, is it possible that one day I could get her back on my nipple and stop bottle feeding or is it too late for that?

Any bit of information helps. I'm trying to do the right thing for my baby, it just seems that my body doesn't want to cooperate with me

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Date:2010-06-04 20:10
Subject:music and pumping

So who else has found a favorite album that they listen to a lot while pumping? I feel a little weird listening to the same CD 5, 6 times a week but there you have it. I found there was one I had that particularly helped me relax and seemed to give me much better output so I've stuck with it. Of course now I'm hoping it's going to become somewhat Pavlovian, so that just hearing the songs will help me let down.

Of course when I bought Enigma's MCMXC a.D., after being introduced to the music by the guy I had a huge crush on, I would never have guessed that it would become my go-to pumping music when I had a baby. I mean what says Let's make some milk! like a song called "Principles of Lust" right?

Yeah so I just want to hear that I'm not alone in my crazy!

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Date:2010-04-05 10:02
Subject:just a fun aside

A few weeks ago, my son got into my PIS.

Thought you might think these photos are cute.

Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2010-03-07 13:26
Subject:paper on BFing volumes

A friend sent me a link to this paper, may be of interest to others wondering about volumes.

RESULTS. Infants breastfed 11 ± 3 times in 24 hours (range: 6–18), and a breastfeeding was 76.0 ± 12.6 g (range: 0–240 g), which was 67.3 ± 7.8% (range: 0–100%) of the volume of milk that was available in the breast at the beginning of the breastfeeding. Left and right breasts rarely produced the same volume of milk. The volume of milk consumed by the infant at each breastfeeding depended on whether the breast that was being suckled was the more or less productive breast, whether the breastfeeding was unpaired, or whether it was the first or second breast of paired breastfeedings; the time of day; and whether the infant breastfed during the night or not. Night breastfeedings were common and made an important contribution to the total milk intake. The fat content of the milk was 41.1 ± 7.8 g/L (range: 22.3–61.6 g/L) and was independent of breastfeeding frequency. There was no relationship between the number of breastfeedings per day and the 24-hour milk production of the mothers.

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Date:2010-03-05 16:30
Subject:getting started

Got any tricks for getting pumping going?

Once its started up I'm fine but it can take 10 minutes to get underway sometimes.

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Date:2010-03-04 12:24
Subject:A message from your NEVER HERE mod...

Probably none of you know me, I'm your sole moderator, haha.
I'm happy to see this community still active and supportive, as opposed to a center for mom-bashing. THANK YOU!

I would love to add mod(s) who are active on LJ and unbiased about moms who supplement with formula or exclusively pump/bottle feed. I think that's important, for this community to stay all-inclusive.

My youngest child is entering 3rd grade in the fall, and I'm pretty far removed from my breast-feeding/pumping days. (The pump I used to haul to work was heavier/bigger than my computer!)

Please comment here if you'd be interested in this position - it's pretty hands off (but I did used to commit a significant amount of entries to the "memories" section for future reference).
Or - if you see someone here who deserves the post but wouldn't necessarily name themselves, give'm a shout out!

Much love and support to all the moms out there doing their best, regardless of the circumstances and society's expectations. ;-)


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Date:2010-03-03 21:01
Subject:rescued by solids

I returned to work after only 5 weeks - and i've been pumping without much support. There's a very very strong anti-formula / pro-breastmilk stance in this country, but it goes so deep that midwives, antenatal classes and pretty much every medical consultant refuses to talk about bottles or pumping. Really frustrating to have a lactation consultant say they're unable to help because we're using bottles.

I'm doing pretty well, i think, with the pumping - but i'm ever so nervous that i'm doing it wrong. I'm washing in the sink and steralising in the microwave at work. There are days with 400ml per session, and days i struggle to get 50ml.

Right now i'm just looking forward to the day she starts solids. She's 3 months now, and books tell me that we can introduce solids at 4months, but won't really be getting most of her food from it until 6 months. Some babies not showing any interest until 7 or 8 months!

Is there a way to speed it up? is it a good idea to speed it up? I'm imagining myself eating infront of her and pantomiming how much better solids are, and trying to get her imitating me.

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